Eye of the Storm Series and Blood Never Lies Duet

£8.95 - £18.00
Eye of the Storm Series and Blood Never Lies Duet

Last of the stock for these Eye of the Storm First Editions (now out of print) - 2 of each book left except Reign of the Wolf which is out of stock.

Signed copies only for Eye of the Storm volumes.

Eye of the Storm:
Releasing the Wolf (Book One)
ISBN 9781481047272

Cry of the Wolf (Book Two)
ISBN 9781482702828

Heart of the Wolf (Book Three)
ISBN 9781494905965

Return of the Wolf (Book Four)
ISBN 9781502756374

Rise of the Wolf (Book Five)
ISBN 9781517610203

Reign of the Wolf (Book Six)
ISBN 9781979643344

(The single volumes above are not available from British Libraries; instead, please ask for the bumper Omnibus Edition, ISBN 9780957540460)

Blood Never Lies:
Blood Shadow (Book One)
ISBN 9780957540477

Aftershock (Book Two)
ISBN 9780957540484

(Both of the Blood Never Lies books are available from British Libraries and can be ordered into British bookstores.)

Published by Satin Smoke Press.

This international bestselling fantasy series is now complete, with threads that hold the potential for a new series.

Werewolves living in the Surrey Hills come face to face with family secrets, ancient mythology, and monsters - both human and created - that want them extinct. Humorous and highly erotic in places, this is dark paranormal fantasy, not for the faint of heart.

Although this series deals with romance, it is not written to be a standard romance. Its focus is on the theme of man vs. beast, and higher consciousness vs. baser needs. Although humorous in places, this series is also sexually explicit, dark, and contains violence and scenes that may disturb some readers. The series as a whole is heavy in plot, and categorised as Dark Fantasy with elements of Paranormal Romance.

Also available as (unsigned) paperbacks on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, etc. Also available in digital format from most eBook retailers.