Next Release: The Witching Pen Tarot Deck

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Next Release: The Witching Pen Tarot Deck

Expected mid-2023. There may be delays as works of art take time. Thank you for your patience. (Note: The Witching Pen signed paperbacks are currently not available as we prepare to change the book covers.)

The Witching Pen Tarot Deck is a digitally manipulated and collaged deck using out-of-copyright public domain historical art images, photos and vectors kindly provided under a creative commons licence, and Dianna's own photos and illustrations. The aim is to create a deck in line with The Witching Pen's theme of archaic-meets-modern; old world meets new world.

With very few exceptions, much of the hermetic symbolism used by Arthur Waite (e.g. astrological and Kabbalistic symbols) is not present in this deck, and number 8 of the Major Arcana has been returned to meaning Justice, and 11 to Strength, bringing the deck back to its Marseille Tarot roots. However, the pip cards are illustrated as with the Arthur Waite cards, as this is the best way to also bring The Witching Pen story to life within this divinatory system.

The Witching Pen Tarot does, also, contain "Witching Pen symbolism" - apples, snakes, the atom, wedding bands, the hourglass, etc - that weaves its own story with humanity's esoteric wisdom, adding a layered depth to the 78 cards that is unique, and a wonderful offering to core fans of the series who know the story inside out.