The Novelettes: 'Til Death Do Us Part and A Silver Kiss (Vampire Poetry)

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The Novelettes: 'Til Death Do Us Part and A Silver Kiss (Vampire Poetry)

Both short books are also available as signed paperbacks for £10 each. Glossy covers; white paper interiors.

'Til Death Do Us Part (an Adult Retelling of The Little Mermaid)
When you love someone so much that your heart aches without them in your life, would you give up everything you've ever known to be with them? Would you give up your identity?

A Dark Fairy Tale Novelette
Published by our imprint, Satin Smoke Press
ISBN 978-1478270409
This book is not available in British libraries.

A Silver Kiss (Vampire Poetry)
A dark and daring addition to the literary world of vampirism, A Silver Kiss is a collection of rhyming and freestyle poetry that explores the often taboo themes of power, possession and seduction. Emotionally charging, each poem is written from a different perspective, be it the hunter or the hunted and inspires a deeper look into the psychology of the human mind and the darker aspects of human relationships and society.

Gothic Poetry
Published by Bitten Fruit Books
ISBN 978-0957540446
This book is available in British libraries and can be ordered into British bookstores.

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